CTC System

CTC System:

Enrollment System

-All students and candidates must complete an application online.
- Students and candidates then come to the office to pay the course fees.
- Students and candidates are handed out timetables.
- Students also receive a course evaluation sheet to evaluate the course and the learning outcomes.
- Teachers complete self-evaluation sheets to be discussed at the end of each course, for CPD (Continuous Professional Development) for teachers. This self evaluation sheet can be downloaded and completed from http://www.ctcbritain.com/ctc1/stu_feedback.php
- We use video filming in classrooms to enable teachers and trainers to evaluate the learning outcome of a course.
- We use observation sheets as an integral part of teachers evaluations and development to discuss salient technical points in teaching.

Compliance system

Part of CTC system is to explain to students where to find posters or web site links which contains relevant information relating to attending the coerce of study on CTC premises as well as all CTC Policy.

CTC system also include student disclaimer which contains details relevant to there study at CTC premises. this disclaimer is normally embedded in the students application.