CTC Reviews

Quality Review & Standardization Meetings - Bi-Annual.
Dates: October and March of every year
Attendees: All company staff
These meetings will help improve the quality and experience for learners, teachers, assessors, and CTC staff.
The purpose of these meetings are to:
> Assess courses to see how effective they are at achieving the aims of the courses.
> Clearly define roles and responsibilities of staff.
> Review all student and staff feedback forms.
> Summarize areas to improve quality.
> Sharing best practices.
> Compliance with relevant codes of practice.
> Ensuring the implementation of policies and procedures.
> An opportunity to discuss changes and developments.
> Provide a consistent experience  and knowledge for all students.
> Contribute to the development of teaching staff.
> Maintaining visibility to Awarding Organizations.
> Maintaining visibility and accountability to regulatory authorities.
> Ensuring students are getting a fair and ethical learning experience.
> Identifying trends or inconsistencies.
> Confirming code of practice.
> Empowering employees, teaching and training staff.
> Maintaining an audit trail of feedback and improvement.