Job Evaluation


Based on Job Description


1- Develop a grading structure and a salary structure by using a scientific evaluation method to weigh the key positions in the organization structure.


The evaluation method will measure the following:

The main duties of the job, the complexity of the job, the years of experience needed and the know-how, the level of education, the supervisory managerial requirements for managerial positions and other additional factors.

The Top Management of Company will nominate the members of the evaluation committee that will work with Service Provider Consulting team in the evaluation exercise mentioned above.

Service Provider will conduct the evaluation exercise for the key positions ensuring that they cover the different levels in the organization. The rest of the jobs will be placed according to their importance, above or below, the weighed positions.


The output of the exercise is the grading structure reflecting the different jobs in the different levels in the different functions (departments) that have similar value and weight.

2- After completing the grading structure the consulting team will develop a salary structure by:


Undertaking a horizontal and vertical analysis for the different levels in the grading structure to create the minimum and the maximum salary range for each level and the mid-point of each level that will represent the average market pay.

Identify any discrepancies (salaries that fall below the minimums and/or above the maximums of each level).

Adjust the salary structure accordingly and undertake a benchmarking exercise by using an updated market salary survey (price of the survey is not included in the fees of the project).


3- After developing the salary structure, the consulting team will obtain the approval for the grading and salary structure and will conduct a placement exercise by doing the following:


Place the individuals in their corresponding grades based on the evaluation exercise that identified the different levels and the jobs that should be included in each level based on their similar values and weight.

Conduct a fine tuning exercise with the participation of the members of the evaluation committee mentioned above, to resolve any problem that might arise for some individuals that were placed below or above their deserved grades